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Large capacities of the bin convince with performance in manure transport. Not only the various additional equippment options are important but also the weight. That's why POMOT Chojna also offers the slurry tankers truck trailers with PLASTIC tank lighter than steel  bin


In standard equipment are:


- 5mm galvanized steel bin

- Upper manhole DN500mm with ladder

- back manhole DN700mm

- Behind a full-level indicator.

- chassis frame galvanized

- BPW axles with drum brake  (first lift axle, second and third rigid axle)

- 3 pairs of tires 385/65 R 22.5

- swiveling filling flange 6 "rear, with pneumatic knife valve

- Empting funnel 8 "at the top with pneumatic knife valve and rubber funnel

- Air in/out –put pneumatic 4" valve,  opens automatically when filling and emptying

- 2 aluminum hose pans each 6m long.



20.000 L 6200 kg 
24.000 L 6500 kg 
27.000L  6700 kg 
30.000 L  6900 kg 


 Zubringer 1  Zubringer 26700s  Zubringer 2



Every kilo pays !!



That's why POMOT also offers without saddles  bin  made of 10mm polyester resin with chemically resistant vinyl ester resin layer. Everything in natural green color.

All standard bin connection already in use.  Container can work at max. Temperature 55 ° C,




 zubringer30000 mit Vogelsang  zubringer ausstatung 30000 Zubringer30000L 


POMOT Chojna also offers additional equipment such as:

- VOGELSANG or BÖRGER rotary lobe pump with capacity up to 8,000 l / min.

- Vacuum pump KD 14,000

- Accelerator with hydraulic drive

- Overload arm (Pumparm)

- Stone catch for rotary lobe pump

- Level shutdown

- 10 "riser with rubber funnel

- Hydraulic dome cover DN450 and DN600

- Level sight tube

- Hydraulic Ruhrwerke

- Tracking steering axle


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