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Fertilizer and lime spreader UPR 7,0T

  • Capacity of 7 ton
  • Chain conveyor 730mm wide

Fertilizer and lime spreader  POMOT Chojna type UPR 7,0

  1. Bin  - tank
    1. Capacity of the tank 5 380 liters
    2. Made from steel 3mm.
    3. The bin (tank) painted.
    4. On the bottom of the bin (under the chain)
      is putted special plastic.
  2. Suspension
    1. One axle suspension
    2. Wheels 550/60x22,5 (Ø1235 x 550)
    3. Frame construction.
    4. Handbrake
    5. Pneumatick brake two way brake system
    6. Electrical instalation 12V with lights
    7. Manual supported foot.
  3. Spreading device
    1. Chain conveyor, width of the chain 500mm
    2. Chain moved by sprockets
    3. Chain is sliding on the 12mm plastic, on the floor.
    4. Chain do not stop like rubber belt
    5. Chain on the front and on the rear is cleaning by the plastic brush.
    6. Chain is moved by gearbox with 3 gears (3 speed of the moving chains). Thank that the menge of the material do not depend form speed.
    7. It can spread from 36kg/h to 5000 kg/h.
    8. The gearbox is hydraulically lifted
    9. Fine-tuning the width of spreading the material -  from 2,0m to 40m  (at the same time you can adjust the speed so that the left spreading spinner (looking in the direction of drive) spread material on the necessary 20 meters width and the right spreading spinner for example 5m – HEADLANDS Spreading thanks headlands valve in standard.
    10. Adjusting the width of the spreading through hydraulic valve gear – to control oil flow to hydraulic motors what are spinning the spinners.
    11. Tacho what schow You the revs.
    12. Revs from 0 to 1300 revs/min.
    13. Two spinner driver by hydraulic motor.
    14. Spinner made from RAEX 400 from RUUKKI (yield point 1060N/mm2)  that steel is 7 times stronger than normaly steel  - that type of steel is using by share by plough
    15. The spinners have special wings
    16. The wings on the spinner are protected by special plastic what give a long live for the spinner and protect that the material do not stock under the wings.
    17. The main mechanic doors with open hight from 0 to 300mm.
    18. 150 point of the open the rear doors.
  4. Max. speed 40km/h
  5. All bolts nuts and washers in stainless, all hydraulic connection in stainless.
  6. Declaration WE.
  7. Manual.
  8. Spare parts catalogue.
  9. Weight of the machine 1500 kg.
  10. Required min. 80 HP tractor and minimum 40 liter of oil pump in the tractor.
  11. Dimension:
    1. Height: 2353mm
    2. Width: 2465 mm
    3. Length: 5425 mm


Overall Length:

Overall Width:

Overall Height, Ground to To:


2190-2550 mm

Operational parameters:

Hopper Capacity:

Curb weight:
The minimum power demand of tractor:
Permissible total weight:

7000 kg
1620 kg
50 kW
8620 kg

Hydraulic system:
Max pressure of the hydraulic system
Minimum capacity hydraulic system

Tyoe of oil
16 MPa
48 L/min

Feeding mechanism and sprinkling adapter:
Width of tape:
Quantity of blades adapter:
Speed of blades adapter:

500 mm
0-1160 min - 1

Other information:
Voltage in the electrical system:
Track width:
Permitted Design speed:
Permitted vertical load on the hook:
Working speed fertilizer spreader:
Width of spreading
Axle load


12 V

1800-2150 mm

40 km/h

15 kN

4 – 12 km/h

36 m

71,2 kN

Dimensions of hopper: 


3000 mm
2130 mm
1206 mm
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