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Specification and usage:
Containers type KS-15 and KM-15 are made to collect, squash and transport: municipal waste, waste paper and biowaste. Containers are equipped with rear container lifting and emptying system, work with cars equipped with hook devices type HKS-8, available in two types:

  • Type KS-15 without scraping plate, used for loading, transport and unloading municipal waste and biowaste
  • Type KM-15 with scraping plate used for loading, transport and unloading waste paper

Intermediate Frame:
Consists of two beams connected with cross-beams made of high quality OPTIM700 steel. Two vertical beams with hooks are welded in the front part of the frame while in the rear part there are two casters. Intermediate frame is connected to the container with continuous welds. The frame binding ensures full safety and stability while working as well as while driving.

Waste container:
Waste container is made of special REAX 400 and PTIM 700 sheet, which characterize with increased durability parameters and great resistance to abrasion and rotting. Container’s coat is specially profiled and ribbed which allows using 2,5mm sheets which significantly reduces containers’ weight and ensures high economy of exploitation. Materials used for production of the containers have technical parameters of HARDEX or EX steel. Ribbing used in the containers compensates high tension created during the process of densification.

Loading device:
Loading device type TLL1280 made by Terberg is installed in the rear part of the container. The loading mechanism is equipped with comb handles and adjusted to 110 and 1100 liters waste containers of weight up to 500kg. Loading is done by mounting a waste container on a comb handle, lifting the container to the aperture on the roof of the container and pouring out the content. Loading time 10-12 seconds. The second function of the device is opening the rear hatch in order to empty the container. The device is turned on with a switch installed on the back of the container. It starts the solenoid valve section.

The compactor is located in the rear part of the container. Compactor’s linear feed is given by four multistage hydraulic servomotors which thanks to a flow divider creating a steady tension on compacted waste. Thanks to the applied solution, bobbing mechanism of the compactor and great tension waste is precisely compacted with huge power which allows six-time congestion which responds to capacity of 90m3 of non-congested municipal waste (capacity of 9 KP-10 containers).
The compactor is seated on four slides installed inside the container. Those slides are paved with special polyamide overlays which eliminate friction during the process of compacting waste

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