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Type KOS - 8 is designed for municipal waste collection.

Equipped with a rear loading system and hydraulic a single shovel to move waste.

Essential equipment of the garbage truck:

  • bed to hooklift
  • garbage container with a capacity. 8 m3
  • filling part of the container with compacting mechanism - high-pressure hydraulic system
  • loading mechanism
  • compaction system
  • system for emptying the container with the ejection press
  • standard equipment
  • optional equipment

It consists of two longitudinal beams connected by stringers made from high quality steel and towing eye to hooklift, is connected to the superstructure garbage by the continuous weld.


The method of fixing the container to the chassis by the hydraulic locks ensure maximum safety and stability, during work as well as off-road.

The container is made of structural steel characterized by high resistance to bending and wear. Applied bracing compensates high stress caused in the process of compaction. The walls of the container welded MAG method, equipped with sealing system to prevent corrosion and leakage of fluids. The container is integrated with the rear filling part with the loading system.

All functions of the garbage truck are powered with its own hydraulic system through the PTO. Centre of the system
are two the same offsetting high-pressure pumps with variable displacement. The pressure in the system is 140 bar.

Loading of waste is carried out both manually and using a comb strip adapted to containers 110/1100 It (according to DIN 30700). Tippler with terminal comb mechanism is powered by two double acting cylinders.


Compaction by the press in the form of blades performing rotation of 120 around the axis on which it is suspended. This function is powered by the dual action cylinders. Compaction takes place in a 1:3 ratio.

In the starting position pushing plate is directly behind the shovel. As far as filling the container the press is withdrawning gradually offering resistance to the action of the cylinders. Emptying the container is done by moving the presses, and ejecting the rubbish! ˛

Standard Equipment:

  • 120/240/360/660/1100 loading mechanism.
  • steps for the operators with protective barriers
  • safety switch on both sides of building
  • two rotating warning lights
  • camera with a monitor in the cab
  • backward mirrors
  • plate with pictograms of all maintenance functions
  • fenders and protective aprons in accordance with EU regulations


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