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The slurry tank equipped in hydro seeder 

  • at capacity of 5000 Litres


Destiny of the hydro seeder

The slurry tank is equipped with a special screw pump PV1000 which allows mixing of the liquid inside the tank, as well as by gun filling liquids over long distances.
This vehicle may be designed to sow of slopes, spraying waste piles of coal, for watering and fire.


Construction and activity

The slurry tank consists of the following basic assemblies and components:

  • container stacker and support
  • Liquid level indicator
  • wheelset
  • spilling buckets
  • pump
  • pneumatic braking system
  • 3-way valve in the suction
  • 3-way valve on the discharge
  • 3-way valve at the gun
  • electrical
  • gun
  • Handbrake
  • suction hose
  • fittings
  • fenders
  • agitator driven hydraulic


Drive a tractor through the PTO shaft (PTO) and articulated telescopic shaft is transmitted to the pump which generates vacuum in the suction port. Depending on the setting of 3-way valve located above the pump intake is done via a connector on the suction line (filling the tank), or from a tank car (emptying the tank).


Depending on the settings of the valves 3-way, there are several variants of the pump:

  • Aspiration into the reservoir via the inlet (the filling)
  • Pressing the pouring spoon,
  • Pressing the gun bottling,
  • Pumping in a closed circuit,

- by the lower 3-way valve,
- by 3-way valve located at the cannon,

  • Pressing the spoon or pouring cannon directly from the suction connector.
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