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Slurry tanker brand POMOT

Type T507/1

3300 L capacity

single axis with a self-supporting construction


Technical and operational data:

  • length 4350 mm

  • width 1885 mm

  • height 2075 mm

  • with tires 11,5/80 x 15,3; 400/60 x 15,5 (depending on version)

  • a number of axis 1

  • wheel track 1500 mm

  • emphasis on the hook 7,5 kN

  • 3300 liters capacity

  • curb weight 1110 kg

  • total weight 4110 kg

  • spreading reach

  • with a spoon max. 14 m

  • Traktor power 27 kW (36KM)

  • a time to fill tank by the compressor

  • MEC or KD 3000 max. 4 min

  • - MEC 2000 max. 5 min


The slurry tank type T 507 / 1 at capacity 3300 liters is a completely equipped machine ready to work. It doesn’t need any additional equipment to work.

The vehicle is available in four versions:



MINIMUM version has a compressor at capacity 2000 L / min, and a pouring spoon with the splash plate. It has no suction hose 6m.
STANDARD version is the implementation of the standard described below.
CLASSIC version has larger tires in relation to the STANDARD version and an additional latch side to fill the vehicle.
PREMIUM version has larger tires than STANDARD and an additional latch side to fill the tank, oil tank 5 L, a triangular and pto


Specifications and standard equipment:


  1. The tank is made of 5mm thick sheet with additional reinforcements

  2. Self-supporting construction of the vehicle - towing bar attached to the reinforced supports in the tank.

  3. Tank hot dip galvanized inside and outside.

  4. Painted towing bar.

  5. Wheelset single axle, two wheels
    - 11,5/80 x 15,3

  6. Compressor at capacity 3000 ltr. / min. (flowability of air)

  7. The double-balle valve protect for overflowing the compressor.

  8. Siphon ø60 the clarifier and drain tap.

  9. Oil catcher / silencer.

  10. Manowakuometr.

  11. Lower hitch latch at height of 400 mm

  12. Exchangeable ear hook (screwed)

  13. Mechanically controlled parking support.

  14. Float level indicator on the front of the tank.

  15. Electrical system 12V connector

  16. The lighting required by the provisions of the Road Traffic.

  17. Service brake - one-way, air.

  18. Handbrake parking.

  19. Hose 4 "(ø 110) of the suction strainer - suction hose length 6 m.

  20. Main drain valve with a diameter of 4 " with the hydraulic control.

  21. The rear hatch with a diameter of 500mm.

  22. Bottling device - spoon shaped pattern poured POMOT 94, filling the width from 12 to 14m.

  23. Painted metallic fenders.

  24. Pressure and underpressure safety valve.

  25. Blanked rear spigots tap 4 ".

  26. Socket side is equipped with a valve tap 3 / 4 ".

  27. Certificate of approval - for registration and moving on public roads at speeds up to 25km / h

  28. CE Mark


  • This type of car is equipped with a compressor company HERTELL type KD or Battioni & Pagani Pompe type MEC

  • Liquid manure spreader brands POMOT of 3300 L is a T-series has received 507 SAFETY MARK Agricultural Social Insurance Fund


  • ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT On request, a vehicle can be adapted to move at a speed of 40km / h

  • The car can be adapted to mount various types of spreader (see accessories)


3300 pomot beczkowóz güllefass slurry tanker1

3300 pomot beczkowóz güllefass slurry tanker3
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